When walking through California you would be pleasantly surprised to see the name, David Shrigley, a man whose weird brilliance with a pencil while maintaining a child like aesthetic is astounding. These are qualities, I always thought would never transfer across the pond, but San Francisco isn’t all that American after all.

Shrigley’s new exhibit called “Brain Activity” landed in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in June. The artist who is customarily respected for his drawings, started as a cartoonist for the Guardian newspaper in the UK. Although he has travelled a long way since those days, now having some highly recognisable work. After all, some even go to the extreme of getting his work tattooed onto themselves, proving of just how popular Mr. Shrigley has become.

In this latest instalment from his work he looks into the bizarre and inane but that’s the wonder of Shrigley, it’s all just a bit of fun. His work “Hanging Sign” is simply just a sign that reads “Hanging Sign” in white simple font. If this does not get you laughing even smirking, then you’re simply in for a bad day, as the rest of the exhibition follows this smirky route.

More of his sculptures demonstrate Shrigley’s ability to create, whether it be in terms of material or his sharp whit. His jokes point out the most peculiar facets of commonplace life and placing these objects into a surreal setting. The huge cup of tea and biscuit nailed to the wall are testament to this.

Though it is in his drawings where he comes alive. His agenda, which is portrayed through amateur drawings, prompting criticisms of “A child could have done that?” Though it is rather the message that makes these doodles so righteous. The comic aesthetic speaks equally to popular culture lovers rights through to fans of fine art remaining easily accessible.

Some of my favourites include the image of a naked giant being greeted by a small stick figure come to take him to the afterlife. Though my words simply do not do these fine pieces justice so I have included the highlights in the slideshow below…


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