August 21st is not popularly celebrated, but to a chosen few in the UK it’s a day like no other. It celebrates National Hug Your Boss Day, though while some are innocently embracing at the water cooler some say it leads to a whole lot more.

Some research by a website BeNaughty, found out that apparently a causal workplace clasp can often lead to something rather blue.

The site asked more than 2,000 men and women whether a hug from their chiefs had ever blossomed into a steamy affair. It came back with the findings that 18% of women and 19% of men had in fact gone the extra mile after a hug with their boss.

Though one must ask the question of who are these people that the site asked? Members of a site called BeNaughty must surely be already in the mindframe for encounters of a sexual nature? Therefore making the study somewhat pointless?

Though on the face of it hugging your boss might seem like an idea that will inspire your colleagues and superiors, around the water cooler. Although we would say that unless your boss is hot and a bit of a goer, probably best to not bother.


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