Fernando De La Rocque, is not a man of smoke and mirrors, just in fact smoke. The Brazilian born artist has created a new series of works ingeniously entitled “Blow Job”, which depicts political and religious figures.  Though it’s not his work that is gaining him this fair amount of attention but its his strange methods.

Rocque who is pro cannabis, creates his works by blowing weed smoke onto already cut stencils. This after a while leaves an image rendered on the page, thus creating his work. Openly in favour of decriminalising (well surely that’s a given?) the substance, he strongly advocates the use of the drug and not just to make art with.

The Brazilian artist probably uses this in his salesmanship, as the prints sell for upward of around $2,500 each. Selling them on the basis he is risking his livelihood to create great pieces for the public. His work has recently just gone on sale in La Cucharacha gallery in Rio and is expected to cause somewhat of a storm.

It takes around one week and five joints a day, for him to breathe life into his work. Though it would be interesting to see whether he could finish his work quicker if he was not getting stoned all the time, but maybe he doesn’t inhale, YEAH RIGHT!


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