Now here at The Crypt we love golf, especially mini golf, but two artists at a Blackpool gallery have apparently taken it too far.  The brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman have caused this stir, through their hole that is shaped like Hitler. Yes Hitler!

The piece that is currently part of the Grundy Art Gallery Adventureland Golf Exhibition that, amazingly features a range of art works as holes on a crazy golf course. The hole has a secret nevertheless, and until the ball is successfully sunk it remains static. Though when the ball is sunk the Fuhrer comes alive, raising his arm and shouting “Nein, Nein, Nein”.

Many from the opposition have dubbed the ornament as “tasteless” including those at the Board of Deputies of British Jews. They believe that the Grundy Gallery have overstepped a taste and decency line that to most is obvious, considering Hitler was the man responsible for so many Jews deaths.

But the artists insist that the work is not in fact celebrating the demon leader, but making a mockery of him giving people a chance to “ridicule” him.

Well no matter whose side you’re on, one thing is for sure, the gallery have done wonders for themselves in terms of promoting the exhibit. Also no matter whether they continue to keep the piece on show, (sure they will) Hitler is dead and his history will forever live on. So lets all just take a step back, take deep breaths and try to sink that putt. GO HOME BALL!


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