Just in case you were sorely disappointed with yourself, for not snapping up the legendary Melvan when it was on ebay earlier this year, well you have been redeemed and its back.

The historical grunge artefact is a 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van, however it is the artwork on the sides that give it, its fame. The van is detailed by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who used to be the roadie for the Melvins. This chick magnet is owned by the still standing Melvins bassist Ben Berg, who currently resides in Washington.

The owner Ben Berg did see his van reach $99, 999.99 on ebay, though this still was not good enough to meet the reserve and the van went unsold. Also a certain number of rumours about authenticity began flooding in, but Berg has come back with legitimate papers and its up for grabs again.

This time the van will be going back on a ten day no reserve auction with the highest bidder winning, no reserve. Though if your thinking of raiding the piggy bank for your small change, I wouldn’t bother as it’s expected to top its last offer.

Kurt has always been a class act, just look at the doodle replicating the front cover of Kiss’ self titled debut album, its a winner in our eyes. So if anyone is thinking maybe a late birthday present then we suggest this, but be quick it ends on Sunday.


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