Hadrian’s Wall, a place you probably would not associate with a New York art collective but you would now be incorrect. The 73-mile wall, which was once built as a guard at the Romans northern frontier, is now the home of YesYesNo’s new installation and the record for the worlds longest piece of art.

YesYesNo who are a new interactive group that specialize in the handiwork of making enchanting, mystic installations that combine creativity and artistic vision have been invited to the North East in conjunction with London 2012 Festival. The work on the wall, “Connecting Light” will suspend hundreds of weather balloons against the backdrop of the North England dales and Scottish border.

The balloons will contain lights and will be connection to a network so they can communicate with one another. Visitors will be able to present brief messages that will be transformed into pulses of colour.

This remarkable pleasure all happens on the 31st August and 1st September and already sounds like it’s going to be astounding. Those of you not able to make the event, it can be seen online so in the words of Hot Chocolate “Everyone’s A Winner”


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