Scott Campbell is a guy thinking outside the box. Not confined to exercising his skills as a tattoo artist working on human flesh, he now has stepped into the realm of ostrich eggs and whatever else he can find.

The New York based tattoo artist is a semiotician, studying the common signs most popularly found in the parlors and its subculture. His mastery is nothing sort of breath-taking as its so precise in its detailing on even the most detail of surfaces.

The exhibition opens in the newly inaugurated West Coast edition of OHWOW, based in Los Angeles. The show is entitled “Noblesse Oblige”, and is the debut out West for Campbell and expands on his old career as a tattoo artist and the cultural inspired pieces.

However, most amazing about the whole display is the sculptures formed out of dollar bills. One rather large piece, which measures over two foot in width, uses $5,000 to make its sunken relief.

Though he also offers up more than just these sunken sculptures.  Campbell has a series of engraved items that are just as impressive, which include engraved copper plates (by tattoo gun of course) and also drawings on objects like ostrich eggs.

It’s a pretty interesting show and the money sculptures are worth the look by themselves never mind the detailed ostrich eggs. It’s really does live up to its title  Campbell’s nobility comes from showing off his wonderful tattoo artistry and the way he brings these themes to some of those in California, who are still unaware.


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