To most New Yorkers a MTA MetroCard is an essential travel utensil, but for Nina Boesch it’s a crucial tool in the creation of her work. The German born artist uses the ubiquitous cards to produce astonishing works reflecting the true dynamism of New York.

This idea came to Nina around 11 years ago when taking part in an exchange programme in New Jersey and she was in need of a present for her host family. With limited funds, all Nina had, were the MetroCards she had been using for travelling and that’s when the idea came to her. She produced a map of the United States, which was so well received by her host family it spurred her on to make more of these works.

The 33 year old now believes that she has used and sliced up approximately 30,000 MTA cards in the making of her artwork, which range from $250-$2,500. These works depict the subway, pigeons, famous images and cultural icons and have been shown at numerous galleries across the city, now resting in The Bean coffee shop, which is located in the Village.

The remarkably detailed collages really capture the true essence of the Big Apple, while ironically, using something so New York in its construction, a MetroCard. So if you are around in the East Village and in desperate need of a impressive, aesthetically pleasing, not too serious pick me up, go to see this, its better than looking at the generic walls of shitty Starbucks¡


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