“All Write You Scumbags”, is the dual artist show featuring two Bay Area legends Victor Reyes and Steel. This remarkable exhibit marks both artists New York debut, as they make the bold move East and is being presented by the Klughaus Gallery and LRG. This has been a show in the making for years as both artists showcase a distinctive chemistry cultivated over years of working with one another as friends, creative associates and also as part of arguably the best graffiti collective in the world MSK.

Steel, who hails from San Francisco has  a very unique style often his work has a hidden message, conveyed through paintings of cheeseburgers. Even on opening night there were gourmet Pat LaFrieda cheeseburgers being served, which sounds ok to us! Though what is most striking about his work though is his versatility and the way he is able to adapt his amazing work on the street and showcase it in a gallery, so naturally.

The work on show here is amazingly vibrant with the illustrations beautifully tongue in cheek. I love the vary of canvasses also, choosing to paint and draw on ammunition boxes to old silver cans. My favourite piece from Steel has to be the cheeseburger man who is painted in the style of Walter from The Big Lebowski.

Victor Reyes, is someone who has been around in the game for 20 plus years and has had his work exhibited around the world. I was lucky to stumble across some of his work when holidaying in San Francisco. His preoccupation with what he describes as “Natural Rhythms” is astonishing as his work, waves across its canvass. Also this is the artist responsible for the wonderfully colourful piece that has recently sprung up in the Lower East Side, which is located on Madison and Catherine.

This exhibition is definitely worth dropping in on if you decide that Chinatown/Lower East side and is open Thursday/Friday 1pm-7pm and Saturday/Sunday 12pm-6pm so there is really no excuse not too!


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