When you see a show being described by the organisers as “The single most important art exhibition in the history of the world. Ever.” You immediately come to a conclusion this is surely a imprudent hyperbole but one, which creates a huge amount of suspense. The Brucenniel 2012 does exactly this as it creates a sense of wonder surrounding the show as to what is this all about? Well we will like Craig David fill you in.

The Brucennial, is back at 159 Bleecker Street in Manhattan and is according to its tagline “Harderer. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer”. After missing out last year, the alternate art show to the Whitney Biennial is back and is showcasing works from a magnificent 400 artists, promising to be a show that caters for all tastes.

The shows organisers the Bruce High Quality Foundation- who are comprised of a sharp wiley group whose mission was to “create and foster alternate to everything”-well it would certainly seem they have achieved this to a certain degree in this new show. The venue, which has been transformed from  an old theatre turned retail space, contains a impressive four floors of work that deliver on so many levels (excuse the pun).

On the large welcoming walls artists such as Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Julian Schnabel rub up against the more modest sized pieces by Kathryn Kerr, Phillip Gabriel and David Sherry as well as pieces by some relatively unknown artists.

This is a reoccurring theme here as the unknown artists blend into the same work space as the big guns who have gone before them. “Its a non-snotty situation here” said Malado Baldwin who is one of the artists to have her work on show here. Her painting entitled “Throne of Power”, which almost brushes the ceiling.

Though the shows irregularities in its curatorial style or its placement of works should not put people  off as with the amount of work available it really is a great show. We have included some of show and its stand out pieces below.


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