We all know John Lennon was gifted with more than a exceptional talent when it came to making music, but now another side to his artistic genius is going on show at a New York gallery. The exhibition entitled The Artwork of John Lennon (very creative) will feature a resplendent mix of works that span from 1964 to 1980, the year he was shot outside his Manhattan apartment.

The 100 works on show are mostly quick sketches done by the Liverpudlian legend as he experimented with different techniques including Oriental sumi ink drawing. These drawings are a beautiful alternate insight into the mind of Lennon whose often remembered for only his musical grace, but with this new exhibition his true spanning talent will once again be on show.

This is not the first time however, that his art work has gone on show as his famous honeymoon drawings with Yoko Ono were released as lithographs. Those these drawings were famously seized by police in certain countries as their content was deemed to explicit. It was events such as this, which discouraged him from showing his work for years after. Though on what would of been his 72nd birthday on Friday till 9th October at 130 Prince Street in Soho, opens its doors exhibiting his work and boy are we ecstatic.


2 thoughts on “John Lennon’s Drawings go on view at New York gallery!

  1. John Lennon was an artist as well a musician.He did attend Liverpool Art College back in the late 1950’s and Early 1960.That is where he met Former Beatle Stu Sutcliffe. I am glad to see that John Lennon is being recognized for his art work as well.

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