The Six Lines of Flight exhibition you could say is taking off, as its success is reaching phenomenal heights. This show is the result of The Andy Warhol Foundation giving a grant to Aspara DiQuinzio in 2010, who was then a curator at SFMoMA a grant to find six off the chart cities. Though these cities had to be booming with significant art movements and where artist institutions had begun to flourish in the past 10-20 years. The cities that she chose where Beruit, Lebanon; Cali, Colombia; Cluj, Romania; Saigon, Vietnam; Tangier, Morocco and San Francisco.

The exhibition is the eye opening findings of DiQuinzio’s work and the fact it spreads across the top floor of the SFMoMA shows you the quality and quantity of the pieces on show. The offering is around 60 items from a spectrum of mediums and by as many as 19 artists and collectives.

One of the cities you would probably never of guessed to be featured is that of Tangir, which showcases the work of Yto Barrada, whose photographs focus on a rather poignant point. Her photographs depict the uglification of her native city by the huge influx of poor immigrants and wealthy tourists. The springing up of new apartment complexes and destruction of the old town, makes a good story, which tells of a grim and gruesome tale.

Though it could be argued that the countries other than the USA bring a much more somber and less banal story to tell, but this is probably down to the fact that these other minor countries, have been to hell and back. One of the stand out countries is Lebanon a country that has 3,000 years of history within its city limits. Artist Akram Zaatari tried to tell its history through the use of thousands of photographs all taken by Hashem el Maadani from the 1940s.

Then there is Joana Hadjithomas who has taken dozens of beautifully vibrant “Welcome to Beirut” postcards, showing of its good old days-the beaches, grand hotels, quasi-Parisian night life-and then she has burnt or smudged them. You are also encouraged to take one of the copies home as a souvenir, which is always nice.

Though all of the other cities equally step up and bring a breathtaking show that will leave you a little more informed of art movements beyond the white walls, even though your inside the SFMoMA.


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