The home of David Shrigley’s new exhibition is Manchester, as he graces the Cornerhouse with his presence. Shrigley, whose exhibition Brain Ideas, I managed to catch at the YBCA in San Francisco and can not praise enough, again does not disappoint.

For almost a decade he has created a ceaseless flow of ideas, observations, jokes and strange insights in the form of left-field drawings. Though this show at the Cornerhouse does not just include his drawings that have appeared in a vast range of publications including broadsheet newspapers, books and magazines as well as galleries.

The show entitled “How are you feeling?” is a tour-de-force, which is no surprise as the Cornerhouse offer a range of mediums from this sideways thinker. Even the title Shrigley says reflects him reaching out offering a form of art therapy, to cope with a poorly signposted world. Whether he means the outside world or the one he has created in the gallery, no one knows.

One of the best things about this is that many of the works invite your participation in order to complete them. One of the more favourable pieces allows you to take time out and relax on one offering sculptural beds provided. Another baits you to; contribute your own sketches to the wall of life-drawings using Shrigley’s naked humanoid figures as your model.

Though there is one more surprise offering you a alternate to the farcical and deliberately dysfunctional cartoon drawings. You can download a script from the Cornerhouse website and act it out on stage three.

Shrigley basically has never let the side down, his deadpan cartoons are always top quality and when you look across his genius throughout the differing mediums it soon becomes clear this is a show not to be missed.


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