What once was a collection of forty four blank busts of American President Barack Obama, is now a riveting new exhibition in Detroit.

The collection of colourful, pattern style busts make up the exhibit “Visions of our 44th President”, which opened a few days ago at the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History. As you may of guessed from the museum name, this is a showcase of the best contemporary African American artists. Some of the big names include, Faith Ringold, Allie Mcghee, Mildred Howard, Tyree Guyton, Hebru Brantly and more.

The concept of this show is simple, each artist was given a bust based on the Matthew Gonzalez original and where told to do what they want. The result is a surreal army of Obama busts painted in an array of styles, one to satisfy even the strictest of critics.

“Visions of our 44th President” is a joint venture by the Wright Museum and Peter Kaplan of Our World LLC, who was the brain child of the operation. If you are “lucky” enough to be in motor city then its on till August 2013. (must be low on artistic prospects in Detroit)


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