The Klughaus is one of my favorite art galleries and is one that always brings bangers to the people. Well, their latest show is nothing different as they welcome San Francisco’s Jurne to showcase his latest works.

The exhibition entitled Keys To The City is a solo exhibition by the California whizz that strikes a delicate balance between abstract contemporary designs, traditional graffiti lettering and calligraphy.

Keys To The City is an excellent display showing how the acclaimed graffiti writer is able to transition from the large-scale pieces he usually does on the street to smaller, fine, artier works. It demonstrates the ability and adaptability of Jurne as he shows a combination of text -based collage paintings, as well as showing off his talents through geometric calligraphy.

The geometric calligraphy is particularly impressive, as the vellum Parisian maps become the basis for his work. These were collected from a recent trip in 2010 to France and remind me of the map work created by the guys who recently exhibited at Pure Evil.

Also on exhibit is a beautifully insightful look into the work of Jurne, through a collaborative video with fellow Bay Area videographer Leo Bruno. This is the product of the past few years working together and gives you a rare opportunity to get into the nucleus of Jurnes’ creative mind. This is amazingly insightful and inspiring, resulting in a comprehensive knowledge of his approach and lifestyle.

I fastidiously recommend that everyone check this out as it’s a perfect example of how a gallery and artist perfectly in synch can take something so critical within the street and thrive in a  gallery. The work is top quality, but it always is at the Klughaus.

Keys to the City runs until December 1 at Klughaus gallery, located at 47 Monroe Street, New York, NY, 10002



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