A Brooks Art in unison with the WW Gallery are proud to exhibit More Strange Hungers a solo show of recent and new works by the marvellous Sadie Hennessy.

More Strange Hungers is the result of a rich seam of work that first formed whilst Hennessy was assembling the works for her solo show at WW Gallery. That show aptly named, Strange Hungers, took its title from the eponymous 1963 British Pulp Fiction book. The book is famous for its exploration of the mysterious workings of desire and the insistent lusts and cravings of sexual appetite. When you then compile Hennessy and her unique message to this you see the genius of the whole show as the playful look at the slippage between repression and expression, decorum and disarray.

Hennessy works across a number of different mediums to explore a catalogue of what she believes to be “insatiable” hungers, including lady lust, mother love, the fear of female sexuality, the vapidity of pornographic imagery and the exploitative sensationalism of gossip mags. It is strangely fascinating therefore, when you break it all down and both her humorously camp commentary on British cultural values and her critical examination of their changing status become visible.

Consistently outrageous, Hennessy subverts familiar imagery in an observational wit fest which boldly goes where it probably ought not to. Described as “Sensational Super Charged and Salacious” it delivers on all fronts as in More Strange Hungers, Hennessy continues to deliver her humorous, wry, feminist manifesto and a celebration of female empowerment and sexuality. Her hybrid collages and assemblages create unsettlingly surreal combinations and are delivered with a wicked sense of humour.

This show runs till the 23rd March.



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