As fashion weeks around the world begin preparing and collaborating with designers about their shows, there is one trend I guarantee you wont see, Drone Stealth Technology.

The man behind this genius is the wonderfully talented Adam Harvey, whose work continues the fascination of thwarting the technological tools of the oppressive surveillance state. He is known for his previous work such as the CV Dazzle, where the goal was to be able to camouflage yourself from face recognition systems, both digitally and physically.

So this new collection of “counter surveillance garments and accessories” named Stealth Wear, shows that Harvey has again managed to loophole supervision on the public by those who surveil. Though this latest collection is a collaboration with the New York born, London based fashion designer, Johanna Bloomfield.

The pair aptly launched the items in London, a city that is constantly under surveillance from the beady eyes of CCTV. The clothing range is ‘anti-drone’ in a number because the items reduce certain factors used by police and government outlets in tracking suspects.

The first and probably most important function of the new range, is its ability to reduce the appearance of body heat into a thermal imaging camera. This is obviously key as we all know the importance of Thermal Imaging to Police helicopters when chasing ‘scum on the run’. However, in Stealth Wear all of your body heat is reflected, so when you wear it, you appear to be cloaked. This is achieved by creating the material from nylon, coated in silver at the level of the fibers, which then allows the heat to be trapped inside the garment therefore not appearing on the camera.

Though they also offer the user more than just thermal protection as it has an ‘Off Pocket’ pouch, which immediately disables phone signal. This is key for covering signal tracking and the authorities triangulating your movements, limiting the users traceability.

Finally also the ‘XX Shirt’, the shirt with the ability to protect your heart from x-ray radiation. However, the last one maybe best used away from your local airport for obvious reasons, but still could be a very useful garment.

Overall these garments may seem slightly farcical and outrageous but ones that raise valid social issues within contemporary society. The notion of drones keeping a watch upon us from the skies is a scary prospect, but one that is not too far into the distant future, so its about time we all strapped on some surveillance stealth gear and hit the street.

“In privacy we trust”- Adam Harvey


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