Heidi Specker

The job of a photographer is a tough one, but to some it is sensational gift, making the mundane into something extraordinary. Heidi Specker is one of those people.

Brancolini Grimaldi has compromised a beautiful set of images, all ranging in their interests as Specker produces some images that look like they are close ups of a David Lynch set. The way she transforms surfaces of buildings into aesthetically pleasing photographs, is something I am still yet to get my head around. Yes I will grant that the toned shade of grey is bland, but its the way the photographs are shot that makes them beautiful.

The image, which is often a close-up, modifies spaces and proportions, isolating the subjects from the context giving them a whole new meaning, turning them into absolutes.

I have included some of the images from this show, which finishes on the 16th.


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